Worry and Stress

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Pointless worrying is a significant source of stress for many of my patients. Most of us know the difference pointless and productive worrying. The latter can spur us to find a solution to a problem: you’re concerned that your daughter needs help with reading, and your worry compels you to ask her teacher for help in locating a tutor. That’s just fine.

Pointless worrying is another matter altogether. If you’re spending significant amounts of time agonizing about things that are unlikely to happen–like an airplane crashing–consider reading The Triple Whammy Cure.

You’ll learn that stress (of any kind) is one of the three whammies, and a highly destructive one at that. You’ll understand how you can protect yourself from stress by taking a couple easy supplements to start building up your feel-good serotonin.

Working out stress each day is also a big part of coping with it, and we’ve got lots of fun ways to do that, including massage, aromatherapy, and visualization.

My patients continue to tell me they’ve gotten their lives back by following the Triple Whammy plan.