Celebrate the arrival of spring with 20% off Four Elements Organic Herbals this March. Based in central Wisconsin, Four Elements has been dedicated to organic growing for nearly three decades. We offer a wide variety of their products, including premium handmade soaps, luxurious moisture creams, refreshing herbal teas, and all-natural lip balms.

Soaps handmade in small batches made with herbs from their own farm and organic oils
Detoxify Soap – a cooling, clarifying soap
Double Lavender Soap – a gently, mildly deodorizing soap for sensitive, overexposed or mature skin
LOOK, NO X MA! Soap – extra-gentle to cleanse delicate skin and help maintain healthy skin function
Sandalwood Ginseng Soap – a sensual blend of exotic spices and aromatic woods with a gentle skin-softening exfoliant
Tulsi Holy Basil Soap – centering and relaxing to provide a cleansing element to your daily purification ritual

Functional and moisturizing creams – some of our favorites!
Arnica Capsicum Moisture Cream – supports energetic joints and muscles
LOOK, NO X MA! Cream – gentle enough for babies yet effective enough for larger issues
Rose Comfrey Moisture Cream – for silky skin and inner radiance
Very Close Vein Cream – herbs and essential oils all renowned for maintaining healthy blood flow and vein health

Herbal teas made with their hand-harvested organic herbs and packaged in oxygen-bleached paper
After Dinner Fennel Mint Tea – to comfort and support healthy digestion
Joy, Love & Passion Tea – deliciously complex, floral blend with traditional herbs for the heart
Minus Sinus Tea – their best-selling tea to help ease people through winter and the changing seasons
Peace, Harmony & Tranquility Tea – for encouraging a sense of calm
Peppermint Nettle Tea – refreshing peppermint with several herbs to make a great pick-me-up
Power, Energy & Stamina Tea – a delicious, enriching tea with antioxidant and adaptogenic properties to fortify the body
To Your Health Tea – a fortifying tea to keep your defenses functioning on a keen level all year round
Triple Lemon Tea – for a delicious, nourishing and calming experience
Tulsi Telepa Tea – offers a centering clarity

Multi-purpose and specialty topicals in a base of olive oil and beeswax
Black & Blue Balm – a classic bruise herb in a topical ointment (while supplies last)
Fun-Gal Salve – anti-funky herbs to promote healthy skin (while supplies last)

 Organic, all-natural lip balms based in Wisconsin beeswax (available in-store only)
Calendula Orange Lip Balm – the effective skin benefits of calendula complemented with a sunny citrus flavor
Holy Basil Lap Balm – delightfully refreshing with the centering, balancing and ground effects of holy basil
Lemon Lip Balm – emollient lip balm featuring fresh and health-promoting lemon balm