WholeHealth Chicago Has Re-Opened

Health Tips / WholeHealth Chicago Has Re-Opened

Is WholeHealth Chicago safe? We’ve followed every possible patient safety recommendation written by Dr. Fauci’s team and our practice administrator, Jamie Ozga, sent us five pages of OCD-laden (that’s obsessive-compulsive disorder) procedures to follow.

Our front desk, Apothecary staff, and medical assistants have been so precision-trained they could put the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes to shame. If you don’t know who the Rockettes are, click here.

Is the place clean? Listen, you could scatter your lunch on any surface (sanitized hourly) at WHC, enjoy it, and you’d be fine. We ourselves want to remain safe, and we very much want you to feel secure too.

Nevertheless, I’m sure many of you have (justifiable) concerns about exiting the safety of your locked-down home. For you, we’ll continue with telemedicine visits. As we’ve mentioned in previous Health Tips, we all actually enjoy seeing you via video and find we can accomplish just about everything via telemedicine, including lab tests, prescriptions, and nutritional supplements from our Apothecary.

In-office procedure
Although I will be of course masked, I’ll be instantly recognizable by my footlong ponytail (until Friday, when I’m finally scheduled for a haircut).

All our intravenous services are available, including ozone, immune boost, and NAD therapies. I think these are especially useful now and I’ll be reviewing them in my next Health Tip. All IV therapies are administered with you alone in a private room, so again please bring reading material.

Patients totally new to WholeHealth Chicago have their choice of meeting us in person or via telemedicine for their initial visit.

Obviously, those of you needing a check-up or a Pap smear need to be here with us. Like acupuncture, there are certain procedures we just can’t manage online.

Be well, and it will be pleasure to see you again!

David Edelberg, MD