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What Our Clients Say

At WholeHealth Chicago, we genuinely care about every interaction you have with us. We strive to be sure that your healing path continually makes you feel healthier than when you arrived.

“As a long-time patient of WholeHealth Chicago, I have had the opportunity to see several doctors and practitioners. Without fail, each and every one has been knowledgable, thorough, and kind. They take the time to really "hear" the patient and always strive to deliver wellness. The front desk staff is so kind and professional. The availability of an on-site apothecary is a great added bonus. I can confidently recommend this practice to anyone.”

Margaret H.

“I have been going to WHC for 12 years and even travel back to Chicago from Florida to see Dr. Edelberg.”

Helen D.

“WholeHealth Chicago is an amazing healthcare practice filled with practitioners who truly care. They will be by your side every step of the way to help you find the root cause(s) of your illness.”

Joy H.

“Dr. Edelberg actually listened to me. This shouldn't be enough to warrant a five-star review, but if you're a woman in your 40s, you know how rare it is to find a doctor that actually listens to you and helps you find solutions. The whole staff has been super helpful and made me feel comfortable. Highly recommend!”

Tara J.

“At almost 53 I have had several general practitioners in my life. I very much enjoy Whole Health Chicago for their more thoughtful approach to health. If your numbers are off they don't try to push drugs on you but instead have a more of a lifestyle conversation instead. I highly recommend Whole Health Chicago.”

John B.

“I cannot say enough about Dr Edelberg. He saved my dad's life back in the 90's and he's one of the only doctors I've felt comfortable discussing medical issues with and taking advice from. He's both an excellent analytical thinker and communicator.”

Nathaniel W.

“Dr. Edelberg has been the most understanding doctor that I have ever had the pleasure to know. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 14, he willingly accepted me as a patient even though he was only accepting adult patients at the time. He actually listens to his patients and works with them which is something that you don't often experience. The compassion of the staff overall is also very welcoming. I recommend Whole Health Chicago to anyone. To have a doctor that actually wants to see you improve and is committed to that improvement is something you don't get often. David Edelberg is that doctor. He will exhaust every possibility until you are satisfied with the method of treatment that works best for you.”

Tasha S.

“Excellent, caring professionals who work well together and as a coordinated team for the best patient outcome”

Sarah H.

“I have been coming to Whole Health for many years and really respect and appreciate their Nutritionists! They are very knowledgeable and caring!”

Jan B.

“Love WholeHealth Chicago. Best integrative care!”

Laura R.