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Even though I’m a doctor who specializes in nutritional medicine, the article in The Journal of Nutrition was a technically difficult read.

It discussed how combining the antioxidant resveratrol (the compound found in grapes, purple grape juice, red wine, peanuts, and certain berries) with genistein (a soy isoflavone) reduced the body’s ability to make fat cells.

You should know that this was a study done in cell cultures–not in people–so take the results with a grain of salt.

Researchers from the University of Georgia reported in The Journal of Nutrition that a combination of resveratrol and genistein actually reduced the fat content of cells and prevented fat from accumulating in cells that would normally store fat.

Individually, both resveratrol and genistein have health benefits. I’ve written about resveratrol in the past, and how it activates your body’s anti-aging gene. Genistein alone has some anti-cancer properties, especially against breast cancer.

Even though it’s very early days regarding this research, if you want to try this combination, I’d suggest one capsule of each taken together, twice daily, for at least three months.